Philippines Travel Guide

The Philippines, a vast archipelagic country, boasts numerous beautiful island retreats and hiking havens. However, beyond two renowned destinations, much of it remains unknown to foreigners, including myself, due to a lack of foreign information on local tourism. Navigating through the country by public transport seems tedious when unfamiliar with local behaviors. The best way to travel is to have a local guide or to be daring enough to venture beyond what is found on the internet. It can be exhausting, but I believe the rewards of discovering out-of-this-world scenery are guaranteed to be worth it.

Despite its lack of a modern appearance, I will never sell this country short. I truly understood why once I took the time to venture beyond the city and into its natural state. Moreover, by smiling at and getting to know every Filipino I met, mostly in countries not their own, I quickly discovered that they are some of the friendliest people one will ever know.

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