Netherlands Travel Guide

Netherlands? Holland? Netherlands! If it weren’t for Google, I wouldn’t have known why the country is simultaneously called Holland. But the accurate name of the country is the Netherlands, and it is known for tulips and windmills. The country is very flat, so mountain lovers will be disappointed. However, the canals in virtually all the cities and the accessible beaches are quite worth the trip. The mashed-up culture and English proficiency of the locals are also in my book of positivity about life in the Netherlands. I even so much as enjoy the amount of cyclists and bike-friendly lane, for if you are a local, you will surely know how to ride a bicycle.

English-speakers should find the Netherlands very easy to live in. While most flock to Amsterdam, I found myself leaning towards other cities such as Utrecht and Rotterdam. Take the time to visit them since they are all in close proximities with Amsterdam, and I think you will see why.

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