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My First ATV Ride in Kuala Lumpur

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After two years away from my home country due to travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, I was feeling ambitious. My plan was to enter via land transport, the only option not requiring any testing or quarantine, and then fly home to Borneo. Departing on a Friday, I thought it would be nice to check out Kuala Lumpur, the city where I pursued my higher education more than a decade ago and hadn’t revisited since.

During my earlier stint in KL, I didn’t have a favourable impression, primarily due to transport inefficiency and the insecurity of navigating the city on my own as a young university student. More than ten years later, armed with confidence gained from solo travels, I was glad to return and witness how much KL had developed. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed—especially with the Grab app , which made catching a ride to anywhere much easier.

My colleague came along for this weekend trip. She had an adventurous spirit, so I thought we should do something of that nature. It’s always easier with a companion, boosting each other’s courage and confidence, especially on a first-time ride.

We settled on an ATV ride with ATV Adventure Park. Well-reputed with an active Instagram account, it’s located just beyond the Kuala Lumpur city centre. The Grab ride  proved instrumental—we could reach our destination at a reasonable cost and without fuss.

Booking the ride

To be honest, the booking process wasn’t the smoothest. Since I was in Singapore, I chose to contact them via WhatsApp as it was the only option besides calling. A deposit had to be paid via bank transfer, which I thankfully managed using Revolut. Even then, it took several days to have our reservations confirmed, and that was only after I followed up with a text.

Fortunately, they are legitimate, and we were soon on our way from our accommodation to the park. The park was quite remote, situated farther than the national zoo, so it might appear questionable at first with the single-lane road. But the prominent rock art of the park near the end of the road assured us that we had indeed arrived at the right place.

The exhilarating ride

After a getting briefed on how to use the ATV, we took a couple of rounds in the compound to familiarize ourselves before hitting the slopes. I was terrified—the steep slope at the beginning of the path already had me hitting the brakes as hard as I could.

After struggling for a few minutes, I finally figured out how to manoeuvre the vehicle. It’s just like a scooter, except with four wheels, ensuring more stability. One by one, we then ascended higher and ventured deeper into the woods. 

The day was pleasantly cloudy, but the path remained fairly muddy from the rain just a day earlier. I found myself tilted 30 degrees sideways for most of the journey, adding to the thrill. However, we were constantly reassured that we would not turn turtle. Nearly half an hour later, we reached our destination—a small waterfall where we cooled off and calmed our thumping hearts.

The adventure wasn’t over on the way back, as we had to navigate downhill this time. It was a constant use of thumb and foot on the brakes to ensure I wasn’t zooming down and crashing into my colleague. We certainly did not expect an ATV ride to be this suspenseful both ways!

Getting lunch

Back at the headquarters, we washed down our muddy legs with some water and caught our breath before heading out. Grab rides were scarce out in the middle of nowhere, so we walked for 30 minutes to BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah, where we experienced the novelty of dining in the middle of a rushing stream. Under the harsh noonday sun, we were provided with straw hats for protection.

Food portions here are available only for two and more, so unless you’re a big eater, always come with company. There’s even a vegetarian set for my colleague. It’s certainly a dining experience to remember!

Getting a ride back to the city was challenging but not impossible. We walked a bit more towards the city to reduce the distance from available cars before finally securing a ride. Besides this, I don’t see any reason why anyone shouldn’t try riding an ATV. It’s unquestionably a bucket-list-worthy adventure that I have grown addicted to.

Behind the trip

I’m Angie, a traveller, web developer and blogger behind A Head Full of Travel. I’m here to document my adventures through words and photography, kindling a love for life. You can trust that all content and advice shared here is genuine and from my own experiences.


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