I wanted to travel the world.

A simple childhood dream turned into reality when I learned to break free from conservative Asian values and societal norms. I saw things I expected to see, things I had only dreamed of seeing, and things I never thought I would see.

And I wanted to share them.

I don’t consider myself anyone great. I write in an average manner, take average photos, and don’t have spectacular achievements to my name.

But I still want to make a small impact, even if it’s just to bridge gaps between individuals.

Love Life & Learning

My name is Angie, a Malaysian Chinese. I grew up in a small, quaint town on the island of Borneo. When I was 18, I left for my studies and have been “abroad” since. I now mostly work as a web developer and have started a travel guiding company called Pletoura.

I take interest in everything that makes up life, from food to nature, culture to history. I enjoy looking for small things not found on maps and engaging in conversations with others about their perspectives. I’m often on the road, living rough, while occasionally splurging for an extra dose of dopamine as a treat.

As I journey, I find myself increasingly adept at making the most of my time and reflecting on what it means to travel. These adventures have not only satisfied my curiosity but have also provided valuable lessons I’ve had the privilege to learn along the way.

I strive to detail all my experiences as best as I can, whether they are brilliant or difficult. Through them, I hope you’ll sense that my love for travel matches my love for life and humanity—and that is what I aim to promote, alongside guides for things to do and places to explore.

Because at the end of the day, everything that happens, including on these trips, will shape us. It’s up to us to decide what form that shaping takes—and hopefully, it will be in a positive way.

Work with me

Even though I’ve been cautious about sponsored content, I understand how working with others can help promote the good values I believe in. My experiences are diverse, yet my reach remains limited. So, I hope that through this, I can genuinely inspire others, which is the primary purpose of my blog.

There are aspects of travel that I am passionate about and would love nothing more than to be involved in. They include:

  • Travel tech
  • Slow travel
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Local initiatives
  • Selected adventures
  • Environmental causes
  • Linguistics and culture

My amateur skill set covers photography and modelling, in addition to a friendly personality when it comes to interacting with locals. Keep in mind that this list isn’t complete; I’m open to more opportunities that match my travel interests and values.

I’m also available on a freelance basis for website design and development services, and travel planning and hosting services.

Angie Chua on Travel Massive

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss opportunities that can help promote your product, organization or destination, or simply collaborate in content creation, please contact me via email, or DM me via social media.

email –
instagram – cyma1989

You can also support me via Buy Me a Coffee.


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